Thanks Everyone!

I just want to say how thankful I am for everyone who participated in this WordCamp. It was a great experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear from people about the experiences they had at this camp. I told many people that what makes all this all worthwhile to me is knowing that on Monday morning hundreds of people are going to apply new ideas to the work they do, WordPress related or otherwise.

I heard a lot of cool stories about what people have gone through to get here, both physically and with WordPress. It was very neat to hear that several people from Ashville met at this camp and were inspired to continue getting together once they got home. I enjoined hearing from the owner of a development shop that had brought 5 people to camp. They split up and attended sessions in the user, design and development tracks and all said that they had new things they were planning on working on next week.

There were a lot more stories like this that made being involved with this WordCamp so rewarding.

We couldn't do it without our volunteers.

We couldn’t do it without our volunteers.

These are the people that served on the organizing Committee. We all had teams of people working with us. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Organizer Committee: Judi Knight, Russell Fair, Carel Bekker, John Saddington
Speaker Selection: Russel Fair and John Saddington
Volunteer Wrangler:Kris McInerny
Video & Photography: Michael Wiginton, Frank Neimier
Registration: Kathy Drewien
Emcee for Rooms: Melody-Rose Parker
Social Media Coordinator: Matt Haff, Monica McPherin
Graphics: Diana Simons , Claudia Arkush, Sue Heslup
Location coordination at Loudermilk: Judi Knight
Logo and Website Design: Jared Erikson
Sponsors: Carel Bekker, Eric Flamm, Cindy Elsberry
Location: Judi Knight
QR: Stephanie Truemoss
Speaker Hounds to get SlideShares: Lynne Young and Monica McPherrin
After Party: Judi Knight
VIP party: John and Sue Saddington

Check out the photos on Flickr by Frank Neimier.

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