User & Content Strategy Track

This year we made an effort to create a track for power users, bloggers and people who use WordPress but don’t write code. The below sessions are geared towards intermediate to advanced users that already have some experience with WordPress. Please note that the sessions are not necessarily in the order they’ll be presented and are subject to change.

WordPress for Small Business – Creating Content that Drives Conversion

Presented by Andy Darnell in Users.

How one Atlanta small business transitioned from a static and dead HTML website to a dynamic content driven WordPress site. Case study will encourage non web savvy users to jump in and hit the publish button. Discussion points will touch on design, web site architecture, content strategy, seo, mobile site consideration, analytics review and other best practices to consider when overhauling a small business website.

Finding a Niche Through Experimentation

Presented by John Saddington in Users.

I’m going to share how I use WordPress as a foundational part of my toolkit for startups and entrepreneurship through rapid-fire experimentation and iteration.

This is also a neat way to find your “niche” and a topic that might interest you. It’s a very different way to approach this topic so be prepared to be challenged!

I’ll also give you an inside look into some of my “secret” blog projects and how I use them as laboratories.

A robust Q/A will be included, so be ready with your questions!

How to Make Great Tutorial WordPress Videos

Presented by Steve Burge in Users.

This presentation will show people how to make great videos. The target audience will be web designers training their customers or product sellers (plugins, templates, hosting) who need to explain and document their work.

In the presentation we’ll cover:

  1. The tools to create clear, understandable videos (microphones, editing tools)
  2. The strategies needed for great video content (get the right length, scripts etc)
  3. How to present the videos effectively (best video hosting, sharing)
  4. A couple of sneaky, advanced tips such as how to do white-screen work

Wrestling The Writing Muse Down To The Dusty Earth

Presented by Chris Ames in Users.

Inspiration – it’s all around us. In fact, you probably have too much of it at times! I want to walk with you and join you in the creative struggle to produce amazing content that sometimes just wants to sit in your head. We need to bring that content out into the open, publicly, for others to enjoy and to derive value from. This is both a prep talk and practical how-to so that you can develop (or discover) your writing voice and equip you with the techniques and strategies to tap into that continuous flow of inspiration.

We’re all struggling artists – let’s not go it alone!

Time Management for Bloggers: Streamlining your Editorial Workflow & Grow your Business Efficiently

Presented by Syed Balkhi in Users.

Time is our biggest asset. Using it efficiently can significantly catalyze the growth of your blogging business. Many bloggers complain that there is not enough hours in the day. When I told people everything that I was doing, they would ask: “How do you do it all?” In this presentation, I will share personal insights on how to streamline your editorial workflow, actively engage in social media, respond to every email, make new connections, and grow your business without losing any sleep.

Grow Your Business NOW: Maximize Marketing Efficiencies With WordPress

Presented by Erik Wolf in Users.

When you’re running a small business — and strapped with limits in time, money and human resources — your marketing success often hinges on your ability to get more utility out of fewer assets than your big business competitors.

But there’s a silver lining to that grim forecast:

Your WordPress website combined with a little effort and few third party tools and services can make you a marketing machine. An SEO ninja. An email Jedi. A lion of lead generation.

In this session, presenter Erik Wolf will show you how to leverage WordPress for optimal marketing efficiencies and automation without breaking your budget.

With 90 minutes of time every week and a total budget of less than $150 per month, you can get all your online marketing done easily and this talk will show you exactly how.

The Power of Personal Branding (with WordPress)

Presented by John Saddington in Users.

I’ve been blogging since 2001 and have been able to successfully build a positive and growing brand that supports the companies that I’ve started, the products that I’ve built, and even introduced me to authorship, coaching, and public speaking.

I’ll share how I build a personal brand as well as how WordPress has been an integral part of that journey. Expect practical tips for you to work with and come prepared with your questions for a great Q/A!

Get Outta My Head and Onto the Screen!

Presented by Dr. Lisa Richardson in Users.

Small business users who work on their own WordPress websites often become frustrated with the system when they can’t figure out how to make their site look and work the way they want it to – much to the delight of WordPress designers. However, not having a professional designer in your budget is no reason to settle for an amateur site.

In this session, we’ll dig into the selecting the bling that comes after your basic installation:

  1. Selecting a theme that works for your industry and style.
  2. Finding, evaluating, and implementing the “right” plugins.
  3. Selling with style (aka NOT using the basic PayPal button).
  4. Peeking behind the veil – how to see what tools your favorite website is using.
  5. Is there a plugin for… (bring your challenge!)

This session is for Users from the savvy beginner to intermediate level. I promise the bare minimum of coding lingo, but brand spankin’ new users might get lost along the way.

WordPress is saving Journalism

Presented by Joe Boydston in Users.

Learn how community newspapers in California have replaced their proprietary publishing systems with WordPress. Far more than just a website, these newspapers use WordPress to run their brick & mortar businesses.

We’ll look at themes and plugins developed by these newspapers, illustrating many outside the box uses of WordPress.

The Power of Your Story Through WordPress

Presented by Kimanzi Constable in Users.

With over 2.3 billion people online everyday there has never been a bigger or better audience to market your business or spread a message. With a platform like WordPress, new and amazing things are possible. There are also many people trying to get get people’s attention like you, how will you stand out? How will you be heard above all the noise? What will separate your WordPress site from the other 54 million?

My session will teach you the best way to market your blog, business or message: the power of your story. I will teach you how to shape your story, the tools and tricks to use your story on WordPress and social media. I will teach you the most effective way to identify your target audience and how to use your story to speak directly to them.

I will show you how I used my story to self-publish two ebooks and sell over 75,000 copies, become an international speaker and life coach using only social media and my two WordPress websites. You CAN do this!

How to Win Awards and Influence Readers in 439 Days and 668 Posts

Presented by Wade Kwon in Users.

Birmingham’s Best Blogger Wade Kwon reveals the secrets to developing a content strategy. It’s a plan that took an unknown site from just another URL to the Best Website of the Year, according to readers of the Birmingham News.

This session is for intermediate and advanced users, business owners and publishers who want to not only blog more often, but more effectively and with a defined return on investment.

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