Beginner Sessions

The following sessions have been selected for beginner users. Those who are unfamiliar with WordPress or are just getting started are encouraged to attend these sessions. Please note that the sessions are not necessarily in the order they’ll be presented and are subject to change.

Getting Started: Logging-in and Navigating the WordPress Dashboard

Presented by Kathy Drewien in Beginner.

This beginner session will cover the basics of logging in and will explain common components of the WordPress”admin” area including:

  • The Dashboard
  • The Admin Navigation
  • Screen Options
  • Help Screens and .org and understanding hosting options

Presented by Mickey Mellen in Beginner.

In this session we'll discuss some of the options for where to host your WordPress site including:

  • The differences between and .org
  • The differences between shared and semi-managed hosting
  • Making the right decision in selecting a hosting provider

Choosing, Installing and Configuring Themes

Presented by Judi Knight in Beginner.

In this session beginners will be introduced to WordPress themes, including:

  • Finding a theme on the WordPress theme repository
  • Selecting a premium theme vendor
  • Installing a theme
  • Using the theme customizer
  • Things to avoid in theme selection

Options: Configuring Widgets, Menus and other Settings to make it your own

Presented by Kris McInerny in Beginner.

In this session beginners will learn how to configure some basic options. We’ll cover:

  • Adding and ordering widgets
  • Creating menus and site navigation
  • Configuring General Options
  • Setting the Reading, Discussion and Permalink Options

Using Search Engine Optomization and Social Plugins

Presented by Jenny Munn in Beginner.

In this session beginners can learn how to optimize their WordPress sites for search engines. Basic SEO and social concepts will be explained such as:

  • Adding keywords, titles and description tags
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Connecting Google analytics
  • Ading social sharing

Backing Up WordPress & Basic Security

Presented by Carel Bekker in Beginner.

In this beginner session tips for backing up and securing WordPress will be explained, including but not limited to:

  • Preventing spam
  • Choosing a strong password
  • Using security plugins
  • Keeping WordPress up to date
  • Using vetted plugins and themes

The famous 5 minute (secure) install

Presented by Melanie Adcock in Beginner.

In this session a basic WordPress installation will be demonstrated, including:

  • Adding the WordPress files to your server
  • Running the installation
  • Making sure that permalinks and uploads work

Selecting, Installing, Activating and Configuring Plugins

Presented by Russell Fair in Beginner.

In this session beginners will get an introduction to WordPress plugins. We’ll cover:

  • Searching the WordPress plugin repository
  • Selecting the right plugin for the job
  • Installing and Activating a plugin
  • Configuring a simple plugin
  • Shortcodes and basic plugin integration
  • Basic plugin troubleshooting

Media: Adding Images and Other Media To Your WordPress Site

Presented by Michael Earley in Beginner.

In this session beginners will learn how to add media to WordPress. We’ll cover:

  • Uploading Images
  • Bulk Uploading Images
  • Adding Alt and Title Tags, Descriptions and Captions to Images
  • Cropping and Sizing Images
  • Inserting Single Images and Multiple Image Galleries
  • Adding Audio, Video and Other Formats
  • Embedding Audio, Video and Other Formats

Creating Content: Understanding Pages, Posts and Categories

Presented by Judi Knight in Beginner.

In this session beginners will learn the basics of creating content with WordPress. We’ll cover:

  • The differences between posts and pages
  • Adding a post
  • Adding a page
  • Understanding Categories and Tags
  • Using distraction free writing mode
  • Using Custom Post Types

Hands On Work Session for Beginners

Presented in Beginner.

This hour won’t have a speaker per say. We’ll bring in a few of our resident happiness bar folks to assist beginners in setting up their sites.

Putting it all together: A live site building Demo

Presented by Jason Bradley in Beginner.

This session will demonstrate the basics of setting up a new site. This session will walk the beginner through adding content, configuring options, widgets and menus, and activating a few themes and plugins.