This year WordCamp will feature 48 sessions divided into four distinct tracks; one for Beginners, Users, Designers and Developers.

beginner badgeThe Beginner Sessions have been selected to give new users a solid understanding of key WordPress concepts. Topics will include basic demonstrations of creating content, installing themes and plugins, setting basic options, how to install WordPress and more.
user content trackThe User / Content Strategy Track is for more experienced users who are already familiar with WordPress and want to become better at writing content, utilizing advanced features and gaining additional insight to how others are leveraging WordPress. More advanced concepts such as SEO, marketing automation and more will be presented.
design trackThe Design Track has been tailored for designers, people who work with or write their own themes. Subjects such as responsive design, using theme frameworks and child themes and following WordPress theming best practices will be presented.
development trackThe Development Track is intended for those with advanced WordPress skills. Topics such as core API’s, version control, security best practices and more will be covered.