Let’s Have a WordCamp!

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you, from our local Meetup community. Everyone from beginners and casual users to designers and core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

Wordcamp Atlanta will be held March 15-16 at The Loudermilk Center
40 Courtland Street North East, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

15 thoughts on “Let’s Have a WordCamp!

  1. Pete Kaighin

    I will becoming from Toledo,Ohio and I would like to know in detail what classes would be held for beginners and intermediate people. Or Lectures?

    Thank you

    Pete Kaighin

  2. Don Spears

    I am interested in attending but like some others that have commented I’m somewhere in the middle between the beginner and intermediate “tracks” and would need to know the schedule so I could bounce between presentations and tracks to get the most from camp. Thanks!

    1. rfair404 Post author

      Don, yes you’ll have to do a little back and forth. We’ll announce the schedule soon and you can come up with your strategy to get the presentations you most desire.

  3. Nachiket Kumar


    Do you have a sense of what the timings are going to be for both days?


    Nachiket Kumar.

  4. Boney

    Hi, I am really interested to attend this event. Looking forward as this would be my first word camp. What is the schedule of events? when will that be released

    1. rfair404 Post author

      That’s a good point. for clarification, since most of the people who are coming from out of town will be arriving the night before, we set up the hotel reservations for the 14th. WordCamp is Friday-Saturday March 15-16.


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  7. Jay Brown

    Can anyone please let me know if you have an extra registration to WordCamp that you would like to sell?

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