Countdown to WordCamp #3 – Get Your Questions Ready!

One of the best parts of WordCamp is the ability to network with other knowledgable folk who may have been around WordPress longer than you have.

That’s ok! We’ve all started from square one at some point and this is your opportunity to learn as much as you possibly can about WordPress. Consequently, make sure you have your list of questions ready before you get to WordCamp this Friday and Saturday.

Your mission? To get all of your questions answered! Sure, it might be a long list but it’s your responsibility to get them asked as no one’s going to know what you’re questions are until you’ve asked them!

So gather up a bit of courage and bring those questions at the ready.

And, for those that have been around for quite some time make sure you know about the Happiness Bar where you may be able to help other people figure out that pesky WordPress question that has been nagging them for quite some time.

Also, be generally able and willing to answer that question – sure, you may get asked a question you’ve answered 100 times before but that doesn’t matter – get in the right spirit of things and come ready to share.

It’s going to be great!

One thought on “Countdown to WordCamp #3 – Get Your Questions Ready!

  1. Carel

    I’ve been to many technology conferences and I have to say that the WordPress community, and WordCamp specifically is very giving and always willing to help. Great group of peeps and awesome event!

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