Tickets Sold Out

With two weeks before WordCamp Atlanta 2013, we have sold out of our tickets. Thank you all for jumping in and joining us. This year we had everyone purchase a ticket; organizers, speakers and volunteers included. This group came to about a quarter of our attendees and with a $40.00 ticket price we need every penny to keep it that low. Thanks for understanding and helping to put on the most economical, two-day conference ever.

Now What?

Man frustrated by missing tickets for WordCamp AtlantaThere are no more tickets. If you want to go or if you have a ticket and can’t go, please put a request out on Twitter with #wcatl at the end of the Tweet and hopefully you will find each other and can work out the details of a ticket exchange between yourselves.

The original owner of the ticket can then go into the registration and change the name of the ticket holder, but the new ticket holder will not have your name printed on the badge as they have gone to press. We will have labels to place over the printed names that you can write your name on at registration.

20 thoughts on “Tickets Sold Out

  1. Selena

    A member of our team bought a ticket that she can’t use due to a conflict. Can it be transferred to someone else?


    1. Brianne

      Selena, if you haven’t transferred that ticket to anyone yet, I have a colleague that would like to purchase it from you. I can be reached at brianne at shopredthread dot com. Thanks!

    1. judiknight

      There are no more tickets. Please put a request out on Twitter and someone who can’t go might find you and you all can work out the details. The owner of the ticket can go in and change the name of the ticket holder but you would not have your name printed on the badge. We will have labels to go over the printed names that you can add your name at registration.

  2. Mark Carrusca

    I was not able to purchase ahead of time due to a family member terminally ill and didn’t know when his time to pass was going to happen until this past week. I’m back in town now.
    I am now able to plan and commit to events.
    I’m looking for at least one ticket to go. I can be reached 678-463-7059 or email



  3. Michael Lunday

    If anyone has a ticket that they will not be able to use, please contact me.

    Thank you,

    1. Michael Lunday

      Sorry, I didn’t include my contact information in my post (that would probably be a good thing to do if someone wanted to reach me about a ticket. lol). So, if you have an extra ticket, or you aren’t going to be able to attend Word Camp in Atlanta, please let me know. I’m looking for a single ticket, and would love to go.

      Thank you,


  4. A Cruz

    If someone has an extra ticket and would like to sell it, I can get you FREE valet parking 2 blocks from the venue!!!

  5. Hersh

    Looking for ticket for the camp. Will pay $10 extra on top of the cost of the camp.


  6. Rob

    I purchased a ticket to Word Camp and got the confirmation email it was purchase. Is this the actual ticket or should I expect to receive another before 3-15. Thanks.

    1. judiknight

      If you got a confirmation email, you are in. We will be sending an e-mail to attendees very soon with your pre-camp information. Thanks for you patience.

  7. Andy Darnell

    Figured I might as well ask. If you have an extra ticket, let me know. I know someone who wants to buy one 🙂

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